Art Thureson Inc. - Michigan Timber and Steel bridges, hardwood lumber, timber products, crane mats. RSS feeds for Art Thureson Inc. - Michigan Timber and Steel bridges, hardwood lumber, timber products, crane mats. 60 0 Covered Bridges ART THURESON, INC 4000 West Walton Waterford, MI 48329 Phone: 248–623-8599 Fax: 248-623-8766 Covered Bridges Art Thureson, Inc has been supplying contractors with various types of timber products for over twenty five years. We supply timber and steel bridges, walkways, construction lumber (large and odd pieces), crane mats, piling, etc. We provide material to Contractors doing Heavy Hwy, County, State DOT, DNR, Parks and Rec, ETC type of work. Art Thureson, Inc has supplied dozens of covered bridge jobs and rehabilitations. The challenge is matching existing wood members and specie manufactured under old production methods to current production standards. Listed below are just a few covered bridge projects supplied: Ford Field Covered Bridge. Wayne County MI     The Community Ford Field Park includes activities similar to the neighborhood parks but also serve as the location for activities such as organized sports, picnics and gatherings. Located in Dearborn, MI. Harris Covered Bridge-Benton County, OR Designed in the typical Howe truss style, this 1929 structure exemplifies all that is romantic about covered bridges. The Harris Bridge is located along a winding gravel road near Wren. It is named after the Harris family who settled out side of Corvallis Oregon in 1890. Jackson Covered Bridge-Parke County, IN                     The Jackson Covered Bridge over Sugar Creek is was rehabilitated with $1.4 million in Federal Aid. The project included the removal of the roof and siding. The bridge frame was moved off of the abutments for the rehabilitation. The bridge was removed from the abutments in February 2007. The bridge was put back on the abutments in August 2007. See the step by step photos of this bridge being rehabilitated on our website: Or visit: for complete photos that will show you the whole process from start to completion Eldean Covered Bridge-Miami county, OH                               The Eldean Covered Bridge was built over the Great Miami River in 1860 for Miami County by the Hamilton Brothers of nearby Piqua. Its 224 feet place it among Ohio's longest covered bridges and the longest in the nation that follows an 1830 Stephen H. Long patent. The Long system added strength through a series of hand-driven wedges. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the bridge was restored in 2005/2006. The Eldean Covered Bridge was part of the History channel program called “Back to the blueprint” which discussed how covered bridges were designed and constructed. Windsor-Mechanicsville Covered Bridge-Ashtabula County, OH       Ashtabula County Ohio is the home of 16 covered bridges. This picture shows the covered bridge during repair. The bridge has a Howe Truss design that spans 154’ and was built in 1867. Brighton Covered Bridge. Island Pond, VT East elevation of the bridge showing south approach stairs and main span over the railroad tracks West elevation of the bridge   South end of the bridge with roof added Interior of main bridge section After many years of hard work by the Town of Brighton and support from the Vermont Agency of Transportation, the Brighton Pedestrian Bridge was realized. The bridge consists of three sets of elevated wooden stairs on timber piers, a 112 foot long Howe truss main span and covered stairs on grade. The total length of the covered portion of the bridge and approaches is 327 feet.   Ritner Covered Bridge-Polk county, OR     The Ritner Covered Bridge is 75’ Long and was built in 1927 that has a Howe Truss design. The Ritner Creek Covered Bridge was the Last covered Bridge on an Oregon State Highway. In 1976, the bridge was lifted from its foundation and relocated downstream from its original site and replaced with a concrete structure. The bridge was rehabilitated in 2007. Shinn Covered Bridge-Washington County, OH                 The Shinn Covered Bridge is 98’ long and was built in 1886 in the Multiple King Post & Arch Truss design. Brubaker Covered Bridge-Preble County, OH                             The Brubaker Covered bridge is 85’ long and was built in 1887 with the Childs C Truss design. More covered bridge projects to follow:   Geeting Covered Bridge & Warnke Covered Bridge-Preble County, OH Harshman Covered Bridge & Christman Covered Bridge-Preble County, OH Helmich Covered Bridge- Coshocton County, Ohio Bradley Covered Bridge-Randolph, VT Pine Grove Covered Bridge-Lancaster County, PA ETC Paul Hancook Tue, 14 Dec 2010 22:17:00 GMT f1397696-738c-4295-afcd-943feb885714:6 0 Jackson Covered Bridge Rehabilitation The Jackson Covered Bridge over Sugar Creek is being rehabilitated. Work on the $1.4  million Federal Aid project is nearly complete. The project included the removal of the roof and siding. The bridge frame was moved off of the abutments for the rehabilitation. The bridge was removed from the abutments in February 2007. The bridge was put back on the abutments in August 2007. Additional information can be found at the following website: June 2006 These pictures were taken in June 2006 and show the condition of the bridge before the rehabilitation began: December 2006 December 26th The siding has been removed from the Jackson Covered Bridge and work has started on the removal of the roof. January 2007 January 4th The roof has been removed from the Jackson bridge. Equipment has been brought in to work on the approaches in preparation for moving the bridge. February 2007 February 3rd The temporary bridge is complete and the dollies have been placed under the bridge. The dollies have built in jacks which will be used to lift the bridge.  The bridge was to be moved on Tuesday, February 6th, however, the temperature is below 10 degrees. The move has now been postponed until next week when the temperature should be warmer. These pictures were taken from the south side of the bridge. February 21st The Jackson Bridge was moved off of the abutments and placed on the road bed. The bridge move took approximately 3 hours to be moved. The bridge was pulled using a winch attached to a truck. March 2007 March 11th The Jackson Bridge has been braced and the reconstruction has started.  Some more boards have been removed from the bridge. March 20th Scaffolding has been erected to support the Jackson Bridge as the original timbers are being removed. The floor has been removed and the arches are being disassembled. April 2007 April 5th The contractors have removed the bowing of the bridge. (The bridge was twisted and one of the engineers speculated that it had been hit by a tornado.) The lower cords of the west side of the bridge are currently being replaced. The workers have also removed most of the cribbing from the creek, the cribbing was creating a dam and causing bank erosion. New treated laminated timbers are being installed on the bridge. Piles of the new timbers have been delivered for the bridge. April 15th The siding supports are being removed so the arches can be repaired.  The workers have also removed all of the cribbing from Sugar Creek. April 28th The lower cords on the east side of the bridge are being replaced. The north end of the bridge is also being reconstructed. May 2007 The damaged wood of the arches have been removed and new lower cords are being installed. Work is being done on the upright posts. May 10th Here are some of the old joint pieces that were removed from the bridge. May 25th Piles of new lumber are ready to be installed on the bridge. July 2007 July 14th The replacing of vertical posts is ongoing, with only a few left to replace.  The construction plan is to install some of the roofing and siding before the bridge is moved back over Sugar Creek. The moving crew was scheduled to arrive the week of July 16th and start preparing for the move. The move is currently scheduled for the middle of August.   August 2007 August 7. The workers are trying to get as much done as possible before the bridge is moved back over Sugar Creek. The goal is to have the rafters and the bottom rows of shingles installed while the bridge is on the road. The workers also trying to install as many siding supports as possible. Both of these jobs will go slower if the work has to be completed while the bridge is over the creek. The Jackson Covered Bridge is back in its home among the trees. August 22nd The Jackson Covered Bridge is sitting on the temporary bridge over Sugar Creek. The workers are working on the south approach. September 2007 September 3rd The work continues on the north abutments. Forms have been set and concrete has been poured. September 13th. Multiple crews are now working on the Jackson Covered Bridge, trying to get it opened before the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. The roof crew has completed the new roof. The siding crew has started siding the east side.  Major work is still being done on the north abutment.   September 27th The Jackson Bridge is starting to look like the old Jackson Bridge.  Most of the siding has been installed. The window openings have also been installed. The north abutment still has significant work remaining. The dog house of the bridge also needs to be constructed October 2007 On October 9th the Jackson Covered Bridge was opened to traffic. The bridge made the goal of being opened before the start of the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. Some small tasks still remain (such as lettering the north end of the bridge).  The bridge looks great and was quiet as cars were driving across the bridge.   Paul Hancook Tue, 02 Nov 2010 16:36:00 GMT f1397696-738c-4295-afcd-943feb885714:5 免费国产污网站在线观看不要卡_九九视频在线观看视频6_中文字幕av无码专区第一页